Witchcraft has been around for hundreds of years and can be seen around the globe in many different societies. It is such a diverse and ever changing path that make-up many different witches. Here I will list a few of the different types of witchcraft that you may come across or have seen. I wear the title of witch with great honor and reverence. I respect the many that have come before me and present to you some of the paths out there. 

  • Ceremonial- These witches follow the knowledge of rituals, ceremonies, grimoires, high magic, and low magic. They call upon archetypes that represent the energies they are working with and can draw upon their knowledge of mathematics, movements of the planets, time, and mysticism. Utilizing a plethora of supplies, tools, and accessoires to aid them, ceremonial witches follow their practices with great detail, complexity, and execution. 
  • Green- “Mother of Nature” witches communicate with the Earth and nature directly. They tend to keep natural with their supplies, tools, and craft. Green witches sense the flow of energy from the Earth and live in harmony with its inhabitants. Practicing their magick in natural places help them connect to the divine strongly. Flowers, trees, and herbs are some of their expertise of knowledge. They can be skilled gardeners and commune with nature on a regular basis. 
  • Faery- Communication and strong bonds with the Fair Folk are these witch’s magick. Working with the spirits of nature and energies of the Otherworld, these witches form bonds that can be risky but balance the communication with the Fey with wisdom and precautions. Some will communicate easily with responses from the Fair Folk and others will practice their craft with no responses from them. Faery witches practice their craft as they see fit with their own rituals, ceremonies, and spellwork. 
  • Kitchen- A kitchen witch is surrounded with their sacred space and home. The hearth is a source of power for them with energetic vibes of warmth, security, and love. Great at working with potions and brews, these witches enjoy doing their spellwork in the comforts of their house. Everyday tasks of the day for the average person becomes the daily sacred work of the kitchen witch. Some are very knowledgeable of herbs, spices, and plants with utilizing them in their ritual work and ceremonies. They may or may not work with ancestor spirits. Magickal meals and kitchen spirits have strong connections to these witches.
  •  Eclectic- These witches do not follow a particular path but instead utilize many different paths to customize their craft to themselves. Creations of their own spells, rituals, and ceremonies make their magick that much stronger and bonded to them. They observe and study witchcraft of many paths to build their craft and magick, while following their intuition and guidance from higher sources. 
  •  Gardenarian- The witches of this path follow the teachings of Gerald Gardner who many consider “the father of wicca”, which emerged in 1954. Traditional with strong connections with nature and rituals, gardenarian witches progress through different degrees for a more structured witchcraft. A Wiccan Rede is often followed as a moral code and ethics for their craft. Most gardenarian witches are initiated into the craft, and a high priest and priestess are represented. 
  •  Solitary- A witch that practices their craft alone and is never part of an organization or group. They tend to never rely on the collective and rely on themselves to perform their magick. Their craft can take on various forms depending on what the witch has studied or learned. These witches can border along the lines of eclectic but have their own way of doing things and shy away from others. 
  •  Dianic- These witches are made up of females only and focus primarily on the Goddess. The aspects of the goddess are worshipped and honored. The maiden, mother, crone is where their magick draws strength from and they believe that without the goddess, balance can not be maintained in nature. 
  • Shamanic- Witches that alter their states of conscousness and walk between the world of the living and the spirit. They can sometimes work with ancestor spirits and totems. Channeling spirits, shamanic witches can be very strong and work with benevolent and malevolent forces. Entering trance states help shamanic witches reach the spirit realm with ease. Communication with spirits, healing, and divination are some of these witch’s talents. 

Blessed Be!

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