Witchcraft has been around for hundreds of years and can be seen around the globe in many different societies. It is such a diverse and ever changing path that make-up many different witches. Here I will list a few of the different types of witchcraft that you may come across or have seen. I wear the title of witch with great honor and reverence. I respect the many that have come before me and present to you some of the paths out there. 

  • Ceremonial- These witches follow the knowledge of rituals, ceremonies, grimoires, high magic, and low magic. They call upon archetypes that represent the energies they are working with and can draw upon their knowledge of mathematics, movements of the planets, time, and mysticism. Utilizing a plethora of supplies, tools, and accessoires to aid them, ceremonial witches follow their practices with great detail, complexity, and execution. 
  • Green- “Mother of Nature” witches communicate with the Earth and nature directly. They tend to keep natural with their supplies, tools, and craft. Green witches sense the flow of energy from the Earth and live in harmony with its inhabitants. Practicing their magick in natural places help them connect to the divine strongly. Flowers, trees, and herbs are some of their expertise of knowledge. They can be skilled gardeners and commune with nature on a regular basis. 
  • Faery- Communication and strong bonds with the Fair Folk are these witch’s magick. Working with the spirits of nature and energies of the Otherworld, these witches form bonds that can be risky but balance the communication with the Fey with wisdom and precautions. Some will communicate easily with responses from the Fair Folk and others will practice their craft with no responses from them. Faery witches practice their craft as they see fit with their own rituals, ceremonies, and spellwork. 
  • Kitchen- A kitchen witch is surrounded with their sacred space and home. The hearth is a source of power for them with energetic vibes of warmth, security, and love. Great at working with potions and brews, these witches enjoy doing their spellwork in the comforts of their house. Everyday tasks of the day for the average person becomes the daily sacred work of the kitchen witch. Some are very knowledgeable of herbs, spices, and plants with utilizing them in their ritual work and ceremonies. They may or may not work with ancestor spirits. Magickal meals and kitchen spirits have strong connections to these witches.
  •  Eclectic- These witches do not follow a particular path but instead utilize many different paths to customize their craft to themselves. Creations of their own spells, rituals, and ceremonies make their magick that much stronger and bonded to them. They observe and study witchcraft of many paths to build their craft and magick, while following their intuition and guidance from higher sources. 
  •  Gardenarian- The witches of this path follow the teachings of Gerald Gardner who many consider “the father of wicca”, which emerged in 1954. Traditional with strong connections with nature and rituals, gardenarian witches progress through different degrees for a more structured witchcraft. A Wiccan Rede is often followed as a moral code and ethics for their craft. Most gardenarian witches are initiated into the craft, and a high priest and priestess are represented. 
  •  Solitary- A witch that practices their craft alone and is never part of an organization or group. They tend to never rely on the collective and rely on themselves to perform their magick. Their craft can take on various forms depending on what the witch has studied or learned. These witches can border along the lines of eclectic but have their own way of doing things and shy away from others. 
  •  Dianic- These witches are made up of females only and focus primarily on the Goddess. The aspects of the goddess are worshipped and honored. The maiden, mother, crone is where their magick draws strength from and they believe that without the goddess, balance can not be maintained in nature. 
  • Shamanic- Witches that alter their states of conscousness and walk between the world of the living and the spirit. They can sometimes work with ancestor spirits and totems. Channeling spirits, shamanic witches can be very strong and work with benevolent and malevolent forces. Entering trance states help shamanic witches reach the spirit realm with ease. Communication with spirits, healing, and divination are some of these witch’s talents. 

Blessed Be!

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Crystals have been around for millions of years since the Earth was first formed. You can trace the use of crystal power and crystals back to our ancestors, while still showing-up in todays society. I always find crystals to be so intriguing, not just for its properties but for the air of magick surrounding them. When it comes to the subject of crystals, science and magick intersect. Science classifies matter as a form of energy and crystals are matter. Therefore, crystals are energy which coincides with magick stating that crystals give-off energy and influences energy. Every crystal vibrates at different frequencies and science has found that passing electrical current through a crystal reveals this. Radios were originally created using vibrating crystals and quartz watches use a vibrating quartz crystal to measure time. 

So whether or not you have crystals for its beauty or for use; here is a little crystal power guide to help you navigate the properties of crystals:

 Amethyst : protects against psychic attack, ill-will, or paranormal harm. calms and soothes. helps calm angry tempers. wisdom and judgement. psychic abilities enhancer. humility and devotion. helps with keeping sober. third eye and crown chakra. problem solving. decision making. emotional intellect. helps you listen in a practical way. vitality, 

 Quartz : all-purpose. amplifies energy. stores and transforms energy. helps with expansion of consciousness. helps with bringing body balance. crown chakra. connects to higher planes and energies. communication. psychic amplification. meditation. divination. directing energy. manifestation. energy dispenser. energy fields and energy gridding. focus and concentration. spiritual development. 

Hematite: root chakra. grounds and protects. connects to the Earth. balances body. enhances memory. concentration. shields from negativity. imparts confidence. restores. strengthens. circulation of blood. helps in thought process. helps to prevent over-worrying. grounding. helps to see possible futures. intuition. tranquility and clarity. helps stabilize emotions. allows the wearer to influence people. 

Tigers Eye: focuses the mind. good luck. strengthens wearers spirit. protection during travel. confidence. determination. stimulates compassion. inner calm. intelligence. helps to beat the odds. self-assurance. amplifies. magnifies quartz crystals. balance and harmony. helps to release fear and anxiety. enhances creativity and optimism. improves sense of self-worth. protects against curses and ill wishes. abundance. empowerment. clarity of goals. inspires commitment. 

Rose Quartz: heart chakra. stone of universal love. encourages trust and harmony. helps balance relationships. calming. vibrates comfort in times of grief and hardships. inner healing and peace. self-forgiveness. encourages self-worth and self-love. friendship. promotes unconditional love. attracts love. enhances attractiveness and charm. compassion. rejuvenates the sense of self. good for the complexion. eases stress. fertility magick. soothes negative emotions. helps you forgive.

Citrine: solar-plexus chakra. abundance and prosperity. helps create money flows. transforms negative thoughts and feelings into positive. never needs cleansing or clearing. transmutes negative energy. protective of its surrounding environment. wealth. helps with success and all things good. encourages generosity. improves interactions for merchants. increases productivity. promotes solutions and team-work. creativity. attracts happiness. shield from jealousy and spite. self-confidence. helps to clear unfriendly energies. chakra clearing. intellect. magnet for social settings. concentration. good fortune. joy. cleanses other stones and crystals. positivity.  

Black Obsidian: root chakra. helps in scrying. meditation. clears blocks and buried emotions. guards against all forms of negativity and evil spells. helps decrease moments of depressions. protection from psychic attacks. grounding. absorbs negative energy from environment. guards from infidelity. improves self-control. perseverance and patience. strengthens the astral body. helps destroy doubt and fear. divination. centering. reveals the truth. inner knowing. encourages self-growth and development.

Lapis Lazuli: throat/third eye/crown chakra. attracts spiritual love. fidelity in relationships. happiness in love. friendship. helps to let go of painful  memories and events. promotes positive change in life. self-awareness. enlightenment. general prosperity and happiness. revels inner truth. promotes energy field of truth and clarity. inspires confidence. stress relief. guards against psychic attack. calming. healing. wisdom. shields from negative influences. connects with divinity. memory booster. cosmic vibrations. connection to inner spirit. 

Labradorite: balances and protects the aura. raises consciousness. promotes and boosts psychic abilities. magick. protection from negativity. promotes adventure and excitement. helps make innate magickal powers to surface. psychic readings. enhance mental and intuitive abilities. brings out the best in people. tempers the negative side of personalities. helps reduce reckless behavior. eliminates emotional drains. wisdom. peace. enhance faith and trust in self/divinity. helps dispel illusions. enhance awareness of higher realms. assists with astral travel. prevents energy leakages of aura. helps block others from draining or tapping into your energy. transcendence. body and soul link. angelic energies. helps you reach your full potential. attracts good luck. good fortune and abundance. 

Black Tourmaline: root chakra. balancing. cleanses and purifies. protects wearer from demonic and negative energies. helps reduce negative thoughts and doubts. dispels illusions. promotes a clear view of troubles or causes of it. great to wear to protect user during spell-work. deflects and repels negative energy. harmony. meditation. grounding. helps protect against electromagnetic interference. great against nightmares. shield against bad luck, accidents, sickness, and misfortune. encourages a light, clean, clear environment. powerful karma stone. shield against other peoples energy. stress-reliever. health. levelheadedness. helps with anxiety and self-doubt. uplifting. 

Turquoise: throat chakra. protects against evil spirits. aids astral travel. healing. luck. wealth. equalizes the surrounding environments energy. increase psychic energy. happiness. health. prosperity. helps eliminate fears. reconciliation with hostile energies. promotes peace. strengthens intuition. increases independence. attracts positive influences and energies. helps protect against lightning. helps wearer influence ones love interest. reduces anger and tensions. promotes self-acceptance. calming. stabilizes mood swings and feelings of depression. encourages foresight. enhances abilities of creativity and writing. good against mental blocks. guard against accidents. peace of mind. spiritual attunement. communication. alignment. aids in channeling and communication with divinity. 


Blessed Be and Happy Crystal Finding! 




  Here is a guide to help you with any interactions with the fair folk. Of course, they exist on another plane of existence and rarely come into contact with humans. However, should you find yourself in their realm or plan on coming into contact with them, you would be wise to remember these few rules.

  I have only come into contact with the fair folk three times in my life so far. I have always been highly sensitive to other planes of existence and energies. Plus, I feel like being a witch sort of connects me to otherworldly things.

  You will always see me reference fairies as the fair folk since my last contact with them left me with that correction. They were very adamant at having me refer to them as such and found it rude of me to call them fairies. 

Rule #1: The Fair folk will never lie and always speak the truth. So whatever you do, make sure you tell the truth when speaking with them. They do not take kindly to dishonesty and you may suffer repercussions should you lie.

Rule #2: Do not eat or drink anything from the fair folk realm. You may come across the most lavish of feasts with all your favorite foods. No matter the temptations…Do not partake. The possibilities of you being trapped there forever is likely. Also, your appetite could get enchanted and no human food will ever sate your hunger, which will drive you to madness and even death. 

Rule #3: Never tell the fair folk your full name. If you give them your full name, they will have complete control over you. Here is where having a middle name comes in handy. Should you meet a random stranger on your adventure to meet the fair folk, no matter how much they ask or insist, do not tell them your full name. Its even better if you give them a nickname. 

Rule #4: Never say ‘Thank You’ to the fair folk. It implies that you are superior and can imply that you are indebted to them, which will allow them to decide how you repay right there and then, or at a later date. You will owe them whatever they choose to ask for. A good practice would be to say: You are very gracious and I appreciate this or This gift is beyond words and I am so very happy. Some say that you should try to avoid accepting any gifts.

Rule #5: Never offer any clothing to fair folk. They are very critical of materials and quality. Should the clothing you offer not be to their standards, it will be seen as an insult.  

Rule #6: Always be polite. If you are ever in a situation where you are lost for words. Compliment them on their looks and clothing. Flattery is the best policy. Legends say that the fair folk are very fond of themselves and their reflection.

Rule #7: If you promise anything to them, always keep your promise. The fair folk treat promises like contracts. An oath that can never be broken. The same holds true for them, if they make a promise to you, they will keep that promise to their very death, if need be. A promise is iron clad in their realm. 

Rule #8: Never fall in love with any of the fair folk. Legends say that they would deliberately lure humans to their realm to seduce and marry them. The relationships formed never end well and should any offspring happen, they grow to be very troubled and broken. 

Rule #9: Gifts are never free. The fair folk gifts always come with a trap or if there are no traps, they come with obligations. In their realm, all things are tied to debts and obligations. Who owes what and to who, is their system. Human laws do not apply there. If you are given a gift, a gift is expected in return. 

Rule #10: The fair folk are very clever and most of them are very old in age. Be very cautious of the conversations you have with them and if anything is ever offered. They are masters of finding loopholes. It is true they can not lie but they can however make you assume an ending. For example, you may ask them to promise never to harm you. Then you find out later that they took it as you saying, no mentally harming you and you did not say they could not physically harm you.  

Blessed Be!


Beltane is upon us and now is the time to celebrate. Traditionally, it is celebrated from sunset on April 30th till sunset on May 1st. The “lord fire” or “bright fire”, marks the renewal of life and the coming of the fair folk.  Fertility and union of energies was a huge role in Beltane festivities. It marks the last half of manifestation of your thought-seeds. Now is the time to re-energize what your want to happen. Personalize this time with flowers, new plants, crystals, green wreaths, spellwork, etc.

As the Earth begins to wake, it is said that the fair folk are most active. Offerings of milk and honey would be given as a way to receive their blessings and avoid any of their mischief. Some people would build bonfires and dance around it to honor the old ways and summon Earth energies.

A great way to modernize this practice in the comfort of your home is to use candles. Choose candle colors that would represent your intentions. Fill your cauldron or offering bowl with herbs and flowers. Surround it with the candles, careful to keep enough distance as not to catch anything on fire. We don’t need the element Fire or the salamanders running wild in your house! Dance around if you feel like it or just meditate in front of it. Just follow your intuition and make sure to put your intentions into it. 

Happy Beltane!!


Here are a few ideas you could do:

*Make love outside or in a forest

*Make a wreath of flowers and herbs

*Have a gatherings where everyone wears wreaths of green and flowers

*String garlands of ivy around the house

*Hand fruits and vegetables among the trees

*Walk barefoot on the forest floor or green grasses

*Light a candle as you make a wish, then dance around naked (skyclad)

*Remind the ones you love and cherish, how important they are to you

*Create an altar with crystals, plants, flowers, and candles

*Stare into a candle flame and visualize it cleansing you with its light


Super Blood Moon 2019


The new year is about to begin and what a great way to start it off with than a beautiful moon. The super blood moon will occur on January 20th, 2019 approximately at 9:20pm EST, and totality will happen at 12:12am EST on January 21st. So if you are in North America, South America or in parts of western Europe and want to see nature at its best; enjoy this wonderful event.


Since the moon will appear to have a reddish hue, it was called the blood moon. Another name given it since colonial times is The Wolf Moon and sometimes referred as the old moon. One of the stories behind calling it the wolf moon is that wolf packs would howl with hunger the most during this moon phase hence why it was named as such.


For all my magickal people, don’t forget to set your crystals out to soak-up some of the moons energy. Another thing I like to do is make moon water with quartz crystals in it or moonstones. During the year, I water the garden with some of the water and use it in my spellwork and ritual. Just remember that if you want to give your crystals a little “pick-me-up” sprinkle some of the moon water on them and sage. Also, don’t forget to sage your moon water after making it to give it some power and cleanse the energies.

Blessed Be! 🙂




A Spell Against The Winter Woes

Winter is upon us; there is a chill in the air and the days seem to get darker. Energy levels begin  to be sluggish and things return to slumber. Winter is a time of rest and replenish. Where nature seems to pause in time and in some cases, reduces areas to glittery snow. Maybe you have important things to accomplish and you don’t have time to be sleepy? Maybe you sometimes feel sad around this season? Or maybe you find Winter to be unlucky?  Here is a spell to protect yourself from the “Winter Woes”: 

First, cleanse yourself and your entire house. Take a bath/shower, visualize your troubles of the day fall away from you. Sage your house or burn cleansing incense such as frankincense, sage, rosemary, etc. 

Next, take a piece of paper that has been cleansed and draw a blue pentacle on it. Place it on a plate or flat surface that can contain water. In the middle of the pentacle write your first and last name. While you draw the pentacle and your name, visualize yourself vibrant and lively. Feel yourself being happy and free with laughter.  Are you smiling? Can you see yourself accomplishing your goals? Is life finally working out for you? 

Now, take an ice cube and place it over your name. Say this three times with your eyes closed and hands over it: “Here my name stands tall and strong, Winter bears its icy claws. Protected by this magick star, and winter woes will pass me now. For as this ice begins to melt, happiness is all that’s felt” 

Allow the ice cube to melt down fully. Keep it where it wont be disturbed. When it has fully melted. Check for your name. If your name is gone then you must re-do the spell for it did not work. If your name remains, allow it to dry fully and keep it safe under your bed till Winter season is complete. It is extremely  important to remember to bury this paper while giving thanks before the Spring Equinox begins.  




Spell To Send A Letter To The Dead

The cycle of life is never ending. We are born, we live, and then we pass on; for such are the way of things. However, sometimes we have instances where the passing of a loved one was sudden or there are times when we can’t move forward since the memories of those that have passed, are holding us in place. Here is an advanced spell to send a letter to your loved one(s) that have passed on. 

Word of Warning: This spell can be powerful often producing strong results. It is meant to give closure to the user and nothing more; for the dead and the living are not meant to interact. Use at your own risk. 

The only time that this spell can be done is on Samhain or All Hallows Eve, which we presently call “Halloween”. During Samhain, October 31st, the veil between the living and the dead thins and so communication is at its peak. First things first, you must cleanse the area that you will be performing this spell. Burning  sage, palo santo, sandalwood, etc. are all good materials to use to cleanse the area and yourself. Next, casting a circle is great, if you know how. Here is an alternative if you do not know how to cast a circle or do not want to cast a circle. Take a bowl of purified water and add sea salt to it. Keep it near you as you do the spell. The bowl will act as a kind of vacuum to suck in anything negative that may disrupt your spell. Also, keep near you black onyx crystal, rose quartz or selenite to help keep the vibrations clear and calm near you.  Now, visualize a warm bright light surrounding you. Imagine that you are safe and that nothing may harm you. See it clearly! Are you in a bubble? Is there a circle of white light surrounding you? What color is around you? Is it white, yellow, blue? 

Lets begin! Light your yellow candle. Take your white paper and write everything that you wish to say to your loved one(s). Include in it all the things you wish you said or never had the chance to say. Write as if they will get it and begin reading it when they do. Make sure that the pen you use is a black pen. Now, at the bottom of the letter, write their name and right under that, write your name. The names you write must be full names. First, Middle (if they have one), and last name. Now, include a strand of your hair and fold up the letter. On the outside of the letter, use your pen and inscribe the symbol of Air. The symbol will serve as the conduit in opening the lines of communication; the element Air is the domain for it. 

Close your eyes and visualize your loved one(s). See them opening your letter and reading it. Be as detailed with this image as possible. How are they holding it? Are they sitting down? What do they look like? How does it make you feel to see them again? Now, In a heat proof dish or fire safe container, carefully burn the letter. As it burns, say three times: Hear me now on the other side, I open the doors to the great divide. In this hour with magick power, let these words be empowered. Take this letter and send it clear, send it to the one(s) I hold dear. As I will it, So mote it be! 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you gather the ashes from the letter and bury it. This will finalize the spell and it will ground the energies that you have summoned. After you bury the ashes, realize that your letter will reach them and give yourself closure by doing so. Blessed Be! 

Make sure to let the yellow candle burn down completely in a safe area. Never leave it unattended. Dispose of the salt water outside. DO NOT pour the water down the drain/toilet because most septic tanks are under or near your house and you don’t wont those energies gathering.

(Note: Sometimes you may receive a sign from your loved one(s). You may suddenly smell their perfume. Feel like they are near you. Animals in the house will stare at seemingly thin air as if there was someone standing in front of them. Let this be nothing more than a sign that your spell is complete.) 

 **Materials Needed: White Plain Paper (no lined paper), Black Pen, Heat Proof dish/Container, Strand of your hair, Yellow Candle 

***Optional: Sea Salt, Bowl, Black Onyx Crystal, Selenite Crystal, Rose Quartz Crystal, Sage/Palo Santo/Sandalwood/etc.

Air Symbol: 



A Magickal Garden & The Busy                              Entrepreneur

One of the definitions of a entrepreneur is a risk taker, dream chaser, and very busy person. Speaking as one, this holds very true in its definition and so I sought out someone who was also on this journey, like me. I met Gina Cordoba, owner of Gina’s Venue and Charleston Caribbean Creole Food Truck, a woman who works really hard on her businesses and has a busy life. So, we partnered together to see if we could make a magickal garden.

We set out and gathered all the necessary materials to create this project. Most of the materials were obtained from our local Home Depot. Before we began, I casted a spell to bless the garden and to produce fertile plants. Using quartz crystals to amplify the spell and eggs marked with spells to produce fertility in the soil. Keep in mind, even as we were doing the garden, Gina was multi-tasking answering calls and trouble-shooting with her businesses. We completed the garden and it looked amazing! 

“Magick is the natural flow of energy in nature that surrounds us all.”


Magick garden

So, to end it off, never think that a garden is out of reach. Whether you are a busy entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or hustling dad. Just a little bit of magick and low maintenance can create a green paradise filled with herbs, fruit, vegetables, or whatever you like. Happy Gardening! 

“Gardening is not hard. It just takes a little low maintenance.”

Gina Cordoba








The term “earthing” stems from the notion that walking barefoot on the surface of the earth helps improve your well-being. I’m not sure whether or not this works but I will say that “grounding” in the magickal world does work. I feel like this is a really close concept of this. As a practicing witch, I always recommend grounding your energy on a daily basis, before spellwork, or after spellwork. Our ancestors walked around barefoot for centuries and the workings of reflexology recommend walking barefoot on smooth stones to activate pressure points. All-in-all, there is a common theme of benefits of going barefoot.

I say, if “earthing” relaxes you by walking barefoot and feeling closer to the Earth, the better it is for anyone’s well-being.  Relaxation alone has been reported to improve your state-of-mind, blood pressure, and in some cases eliminates stress all together. For those of you that would like to start “grounding”, here is a simple way to do this: 

  1. Get comfortable whether sitting down with your legs crossed or sitting upright in a chair.
  2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. How fast is your heart rate? Slow it down? breath in and breath out
  3. Begin to visualize yourself like a tree with roots extending down. See some of the roots transferring darker light out of you and into the Earth while the other roots transferring bright light from the Earth back into you. Allow the darker light to release with it all that troubles you, your worries, your fears, your heartaches, anything that hinders you. Now, feel the bright light that is flowing into you. How warm and loving it feels, how bright it is, you feel energetic and refreshed. Allow yourself to feel connected to all things.
  4. Take three, big deep breaths in and out. Now slowly open your eyes.
  5. You are now grounded 🙂


Knot Magick

Knot Magick is a great skill to add to any witches knowledge. The witches of old would use this technique as a way of manifesting their will to control the winds, find a lover, or even to contain a spell till needed. Give it a try!

Practice: Find a 13-inch piece of cord. It can be a vine, string, yarn, etc. I would recommend using yarn made with natural material. If you can find one with a particular color that helps you associate it with your desire, all the better. (Ex: White for purity/cleansing, red for passion/love, etc.) 


Close your eyes with your cord in your hands. Visualize what you would like to accomplish. Feel it: what does it feel like to have it come true? See it: What does it look like when it happened? 

Now hold that image and sensation in your mind. See it going into your hands and into the cord. Make a knot. See the knot capturing your desire. Is the knot glowing? Is it pulsating? Imagine and visualize these things happening with the knot. Open your eyes and say: So mote it be! Repeat process and make as many knots as you have desires. Bury the cord in the earth when finished. 

“Magick knots and sacred words. Hear my thought  & change my world”