Crystals have been around for millions of years since the Earth was first formed. You can trace the use of crystal power and crystals back to our ancestors, while still showing-up in todays society. I always find crystals to be so intriguing, not just for its properties but for the air of magick surrounding them. When it comes to the subject of crystals, science and magick intersect. Science classifies matter as a form of energy and crystals are matter. Therefore, crystals are energy which coincides with magick stating that crystals give-off energy and influences energy. Every crystal vibrates at different frequencies and science has found that passing electrical current through a crystal reveals this. Radios were originally created using vibrating crystals and quartz watches use a vibrating quartz crystal to measure time. 

So whether or not you have crystals for its beauty or for use; here is a little crystal power guide to help you navigate the properties of crystals:

 Amethyst : protects against psychic attack, ill-will, or paranormal harm. calms and soothes. helps calm angry tempers. wisdom and judgement. psychic abilities enhancer. humility and devotion. helps with keeping sober. third eye and crown chakra. problem solving. decision making. emotional intellect. helps you listen in a practical way. vitality, 

 Quartz : all-purpose. amplifies energy. stores and transforms energy. helps with expansion of consciousness. helps with bringing body balance. crown chakra. connects to higher planes and energies. communication. psychic amplification. meditation. divination. directing energy. manifestation. energy dispenser. energy fields and energy gridding. focus and concentration. spiritual development. 

Hematite: root chakra. grounds and protects. connects to the Earth. balances body. enhances memory. concentration. shields from negativity. imparts confidence. restores. strengthens. circulation of blood. helps in thought process. helps to prevent over-worrying. grounding. helps to see possible futures. intuition. tranquility and clarity. helps stabilize emotions. allows the wearer to influence people. 

Tigers Eye: focuses the mind. good luck. strengthens wearers spirit. protection during travel. confidence. determination. stimulates compassion. inner calm. intelligence. helps to beat the odds. self-assurance. amplifies. magnifies quartz crystals. balance and harmony. helps to release fear and anxiety. enhances creativity and optimism. improves sense of self-worth. protects against curses and ill wishes. abundance. empowerment. clarity of goals. inspires commitment. 

Rose Quartz: heart chakra. stone of universal love. encourages trust and harmony. helps balance relationships. calming. vibrates comfort in times of grief and hardships. inner healing and peace. self-forgiveness. encourages self-worth and self-love. friendship. promotes unconditional love. attracts love. enhances attractiveness and charm. compassion. rejuvenates the sense of self. good for the complexion. eases stress. fertility magick. soothes negative emotions. helps you forgive.

Citrine: solar-plexus chakra. abundance and prosperity. helps create money flows. transforms negative thoughts and feelings into positive. never needs cleansing or clearing. transmutes negative energy. protective of its surrounding environment. wealth. helps with success and all things good. encourages generosity. improves interactions for merchants. increases productivity. promotes solutions and team-work. creativity. attracts happiness. shield from jealousy and spite. self-confidence. helps to clear unfriendly energies. chakra clearing. intellect. magnet for social settings. concentration. good fortune. joy. cleanses other stones and crystals. positivity.  

Black Obsidian: root chakra. helps in scrying. meditation. clears blocks and buried emotions. guards against all forms of negativity and evil spells. helps decrease moments of depressions. protection from psychic attacks. grounding. absorbs negative energy from environment. guards from infidelity. improves self-control. perseverance and patience. strengthens the astral body. helps destroy doubt and fear. divination. centering. reveals the truth. inner knowing. encourages self-growth and development.

Lapis Lazuli: throat/third eye/crown chakra. attracts spiritual love. fidelity in relationships. happiness in love. friendship. helps to let go of painful  memories and events. promotes positive change in life. self-awareness. enlightenment. general prosperity and happiness. revels inner truth. promotes energy field of truth and clarity. inspires confidence. stress relief. guards against psychic attack. calming. healing. wisdom. shields from negative influences. connects with divinity. memory booster. cosmic vibrations. connection to inner spirit. 

Labradorite: balances and protects the aura. raises consciousness. promotes and boosts psychic abilities. magick. protection from negativity. promotes adventure and excitement. helps make innate magickal powers to surface. psychic readings. enhance mental and intuitive abilities. brings out the best in people. tempers the negative side of personalities. helps reduce reckless behavior. eliminates emotional drains. wisdom. peace. enhance faith and trust in self/divinity. helps dispel illusions. enhance awareness of higher realms. assists with astral travel. prevents energy leakages of aura. helps block others from draining or tapping into your energy. transcendence. body and soul link. angelic energies. helps you reach your full potential. attracts good luck. good fortune and abundance. 

Black Tourmaline: root chakra. balancing. cleanses and purifies. protects wearer from demonic and negative energies. helps reduce negative thoughts and doubts. dispels illusions. promotes a clear view of troubles or causes of it. great to wear to protect user during spell-work. deflects and repels negative energy. harmony. meditation. grounding. helps protect against electromagnetic interference. great against nightmares. shield against bad luck, accidents, sickness, and misfortune. encourages a light, clean, clear environment. powerful karma stone. shield against other peoples energy. stress-reliever. health. levelheadedness. helps with anxiety and self-doubt. uplifting. 

Turquoise: throat chakra. protects against evil spirits. aids astral travel. healing. luck. wealth. equalizes the surrounding environments energy. increase psychic energy. happiness. health. prosperity. helps eliminate fears. reconciliation with hostile energies. promotes peace. strengthens intuition. increases independence. attracts positive influences and energies. helps protect against lightning. helps wearer influence ones love interest. reduces anger and tensions. promotes self-acceptance. calming. stabilizes mood swings and feelings of depression. encourages foresight. enhances abilities of creativity and writing. good against mental blocks. guard against accidents. peace of mind. spiritual attunement. communication. alignment. aids in channeling and communication with divinity. 


Blessed Be and Happy Crystal Finding!