Super Blood Moon 2019


The new year is about to begin and what a great way to start it off with than a beautiful moon. The super blood moon will occur on January 20th, 2019 approximately at 9:20pm EST, and totality will happen at 12:12am EST on January 21st. So if you are in North America, South America or in parts of western Europe and want to see nature at its best; enjoy this wonderful event.


Since the moon will appear to have a reddish hue, it was called the blood moon. Another name given it since colonial times is The Wolf Moon and sometimes referred as the old moon. One of the stories behind calling it the wolf moon is that wolf packs would howl with hunger the most during this moon phase hence why it was named as such.


For all my magickal people, don’t forget to set your crystals out to soak-up some of the moons energy. Another thing I like to do is make moon water with quartz crystals in it or moonstones. During the year, I water the garden with some of the water and use it in my spellwork and ritual. Just remember that if you want to give your crystals a little “pick-me-up” sprinkle some of the moon water on them and sage. Also, don’t forget to sage your moon water after making it to give it some power and cleanse the energies.

Blessed Be! 🙂