We want to make a difference on this Earth and it all starts in this moment

Wherever you are on the Earth or whatever path you are on, we hope to inspire and captivate your senses.  So, take a break and let’s find that dream that you’ve been dreaming.  Find that inner peace and balance. You have our full support. We believe that all things are connected and want to promote harmony between the individual and nature. To this end, our products are vegan, 100% animal cruelty free, and are made in the USA. All orders are packaged with care and quality. We are very passionate about sustainable business practices and making sure that we use the most natural of ingredients. We hope to set an example for sustainable options and reducing waste output on the Earth. Based out of Charleston South Carolina, with a modest founding, our vision is to refresh the new age world and provide customers with a wide range of unique products and gifts. Thank you for coming with us on our journey and for giving us your support in helping to make our dream come true!












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      Ashton Dundas                                

“I can truly say, as long as this business is around I will continue to have some kind of serenity in my life”


Melissa Yarborough

 “…candle burned for hours and I still have more”

Jacqui Torrance

 “Burned candle 35 minutes and my living room smelled amazing”

Michel Rosa

 “Great stuff. Hands felt clean long after using soap” 

Khaliquah Campbell

“…bath bomb made my skin feel super soft, moisturized, and extra clean. I feel great!!”