The term “earthing” stems from the notion that walking barefoot on the surface of the earth helps improve your well-being. I’m not sure whether or not this works but I will say that “grounding” in the magickal world does work. I feel like this is a really close concept of this. As a practicing witch, I always recommend grounding your energy on a daily basis, before spellwork, or after spellwork. Our ancestors walked around barefoot for centuries and the workings of reflexology recommend walking barefoot on smooth stones to activate pressure points. All-in-all, there is a common theme of benefits of going barefoot.

I say, if “earthing” relaxes you by walking barefoot and feeling closer to the Earth, the better it is for anyone’s well-being.  Relaxation alone has been reported to improve your state-of-mind, blood pressure, and in some cases eliminates stress all together. For those of you that would like to start “grounding”, here is a simple way to do this: 

  1. Get comfortable whether sitting down with your legs crossed or sitting upright in a chair.
  2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. How fast is your heart rate? Slow it down? breath in and breath out
  3. Begin to visualize yourself like a tree with roots extending down. See some of the roots transferring darker light out of you and into the Earth while the other roots transferring bright light from the Earth back into you. Allow the darker light to release with it all that troubles you, your worries, your fears, your heartaches, anything that hinders you. Now, feel the bright light that is flowing into you. How warm and loving it feels, how bright it is, you feel energetic and refreshed. Allow yourself to feel connected to all things.
  4. Take three, big deep breaths in and out. Now slowly open your eyes.
  5. You are now grounded 🙂


Knot Magick

Knot Magick is a great skill to add to any witches knowledge. The witches of old would use this technique as a way of manifesting their will to control the winds, find a lover, or even to contain a spell till needed. Give it a try!

Practice: Find a 13-inch piece of cord. It can be a vine, string, yarn, etc. I would recommend using yarn made with natural material. If you can find one with a particular color that helps you associate it with your desire, all the better. (Ex: White for purity/cleansing, red for passion/love, etc.) 


Close your eyes with your cord in your hands. Visualize what you would like to accomplish. Feel it: what does it feel like to have it come true? See it: What does it look like when it happened? 

Now hold that image and sensation in your mind. See it going into your hands and into the cord. Make a knot. See the knot capturing your desire. Is the knot glowing? Is it pulsating? Imagine and visualize these things happening with the knot. Open your eyes and say: So mote it be! Repeat process and make as many knots as you have desires. Bury the cord in the earth when finished. 

“Magick knots and sacred words. Hear my thought  & change my world” 


Thankful Magick

Here is a simple spell to use when you have been blessed with many things and want to show gratitude. Maybe its just one of those moments when you want to express your many thanks or just use this spell as a reminder of why your life is a grateful one. 

Supplies needed: 4 strips of paper-one green, one yellow, one red, and one blue. One white candle. A fireproof dish (cauldron recommended) 

Take the four strips of paper and write one things on them you are thankful for. Light the white candle. Make sure to anoint the candle before using it with the proper anointing oil of your choosing. Using the fireproof dish/cauldron, burn each strip of paper from the candles flame, drop it into the dish/cauldron and chant each time:

“Thankful I am of this day/night, grateful for all that I do and say. Blessings of love divine, let my luck and true love shine”

Allow the candle to burn out. Make sure it is in a safe place. We don’t need the element of fire consuming the area 🙂 Blessed Be!





Divination is defined as the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.  It has been practiced for over a millennia.  Divination has many different forms. Children of the old ways use many different techniques such as: crystal gazing, reading tea leaves, palmistry, tarot cards, or just gazing into the flame of a candle. Regardless of which technique is used, a person can gain knowledge and even enlightenment if practiced.  I myself use tarot cards and can sometimes just candle gaze. It starts with a simple thought of focus and letting your mind open to information; a calming effect happens and when I look at the cards it’s as if a story is being told to me.  Depending on the question or knowledge I am seeking, the story unravels to show me things.  As a child, I noticed that I knew things before they happened and into my adulthood it has increased.  Its like having an intense case of De ja vu. 

Whether a person believes in this art or not, it has been around for ages and in many places through history. The Greeks had oracles and soothsayers to speak for their gods; the Chinese used I Ching and feng-shui to obtain knowledge; in the middle ages, a common practice of throwing bones, grain, peas, or sand onto the ground to read the patterns for insight was used; even Vikings relied on the consultation of the throwing of rune stones. Across the ages and to every end of the Earth, you can find traces of divination. It makes no difference if its Indian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, or African; divination is found to be part of that culture. It is a fascinating art and continues to grow as people learn about the techniques of the past with the growth of today.

**A divination chant to clear the mind and increase awareness: “By the power of my might, give me now the second sight. I chant this spell so it is done, hear me now oh ancient ones.” 



Magickal Mixology


Notions and potions, and things to brew!  Below you will find a few of the different types:


Poultice/Cataplasm: often heated and medicated. It can consist of chopped plant material and infused with other potions.  Usually to treat aching, inflamed or painful parts of the body. Also, great for cuts and bruises.

Tincture: Only good for about a year and would need to be refreshed/re-made. Alcohol based and highly concentrated. Can be volatile in the fact of alcohol being used. Plant or animal material can be used and preparation does take some time.  Dilution is recommended.  Store away from direct heat and sunlight.

Elixir: Alcohol based in nature but very pure and usually taken orally.  A true elixir will have at least one ingredient in it to take orally. Needs to be stored in a tightly closed container away from direct heat and sunlight. 

Infusion: Usually oil or water based with material being allowed to steep for extended time.  Materials typically are botanical in nature such as herbs, berries, and flowers. Unless the infusion is consumed immediately, it will need to be bottled and refrigerated for later use.

Tisane:  Another name for herbal tea.  Herbs and spices are typically used in a hot water base.  Great to warm the body or help internally. Some teas are said to induce visions, cure colds, or alleviate headaches.

Philtre: Typically water based and meant to secure another’s affection or  someone’s favor. Magick is usually used to infuse or empower the potion/ingredients

Decoction: use of boiling to extract from herbs or plant material. Results are achieved best if material is mashed before boiling and potion is best, if consumed immediately


Blessed Be!

Home For the holidays recipe

Home for the holidays is a recipe that will captivate and tantalize the senses of all who smell it.  Its a great addition to the household holiday spirit for family, friends, or just yourself. Don’t take my word for it, try it out:

First, fill a saucepan/pot full with water. Next, add 3 bay leaves, 3-4 apple peels , and 2-3 orange peels. Stir 3 times. Let mixture sit for one minute, now add 2 lemon peels, 1 tsp of nutmeg, 2 tbs whole cloves. Stir 3 times. Let mixture sit for 1 minute. Now, add 1 cinnamon stick (broken and crushed into pieces) or 2 tbs of cinnamon, 1 tsp of vanilla or vanilla extract. Finally, Stir another 3 times and let simmer. (Optional: 5 star anise, 3 tbs rosemary, and 1 tbs peppermint or spearmint.) The scent from the simmering mix will travel through the home.  Set timer for yourself and add water as needed. Don’t let the pot burn dry and do not leave the house with this heating on the stove. You can refrigerate this concoction and reuse daily for up to 1 week.

Blessed Be!


  The  supermoon  is back and the last time we saw this moon was in 1948.  On Monday, November 14, 2016, the moon will be the brightest, and largest display in the sky.  A performance from the moon will not occur like this again until 2034 and about every 14th full moon is considered a super moon, however, this moon will be closer than average.

  For eons, the moon has influenced the earth and all its inhabitants.  The ocean tides and waters of the world are controlled by the very existence of this heavenly body in the night sky. Experts of the world even notice the behavior of animals change. Deers ovulating and hamsters running faster on their wheels, even some coral reefs will begin their mating season timed with the moon.  Human beings have always seen the moon as a mystical symbol from all corners of the world.  In some Chinese religions, the full moon is a time to make offerings to their ancestors and in some Native American tribes, legends are born with the moon as the guest of honor. 

  The full moon is a time for all-purpose magick and is powerful. In the old days, you would cast magickal workings of beauty, divination, protection, etc. It was a time to do all your spells and invocations that may need extra power.  A favorite recipe was to make moon water/wash.

Recipe: On a clear night of the full moon, put a quartz crystal in a clear container filled with purified water. Place the container in a moonlit place and at dawn remove the glass from area. Remove quartz crystal and now you have infused moon water. Drink the water whenever you need an extra boost of lunar energy or use it to wash and purify areas/things.

I use the moon water for all kinds of things. Now go make magick!