Re-charging Your creativity

Winter is at its end and its time to energize yourself out of that slumber! How do you re-charge yourself? What is a good method to resetting your mindset and creativity? 

Creativity is a doorway to making wonders happen. It is what civilizations are made of and what keeps the human spirit alive. Its defined as a phenomenon where something new and valuable is formed. So if you feel like life is on pause or maybe you just cant reach that next level. Try boosting your creativity. You may find that new doors and opportunities will appear. 

A great way in which I like to re-charge is taking a walk outside and take in the natural energy of nature. I love how the sun can hit your skin just right and give you an instant boost in mood. How the wind caresses your skin and makes you feel as light as a feather. Also, carrying around the crystal citrine can help since it is said to stimulate creativity and energy. A powerful motivational stone that can encourage self-expression and individuality, while surrounding you with positivity. 

Another crystal I would recommend is a bloodstone. It is said to help enhance intuition and creativity. Great at dispelling confusion and the muddling of the mind. In turn, helping to calm your intellect and boost your decision-making process. Don’t forget to always cleanse your area and self before beginning anything anew by smudging with sage, burning cleansing incense, or even using holy/blessed water. 

Josh Beam, an illustrator, says he recharges his creativity by reading, watching movies, playing video games, and listening to music. So it doesn’t always have to be an intense process to be inspired and re-charge your creativity. Even daily things like watching a movie can jump start your creativity and form something new, and valuable.

Whatever way you find, let it be yours and yours alone. The building blocks to anything creative is always taking the first step. Whether that is walking in nature, sitting in a garden and just observing, or reading your favorite book that you’ve somehow forgotten about; take that first step and create something new. Leave winter behind and spring into a new creative you!!

Blessed Be!!