Spell To Send A Letter To The Dead

The cycle of life is never ending. We are born, we live, and then we pass on; for such are the way of things. However, sometimes we have instances where the passing of a loved one was sudden or there are times when we can’t move forward since the memories of those that have passed, are holding us in place. Here is an advanced spell to send a letter to your loved one(s) that have passed on. 

Word of Warning: This spell can be powerful often producing strong results. It is meant to give closure to the user and nothing more; for the dead and the living are not meant to interact. Use at your own risk. 

The only time that this spell can be done is on Samhain or All Hallows Eve, which we presently call “Halloween”. During Samhain, October 31st, the veil between the living and the dead thins and so communication is at its peak. First things first, you must cleanse the area that you will be performing this spell. Burning  sage, palo santo, sandalwood, etc. are all good materials to use to cleanse the area and yourself. Next, casting a circle is great, if you know how. Here is an alternative if you do not know how to cast a circle or do not want to cast a circle. Take a bowl of purified water and add sea salt to it. Keep it near you as you do the spell. The bowl will act as a kind of vacuum to suck in anything negative that may disrupt your spell. Also, keep near you black onyx crystal, rose quartz or selenite to help keep the vibrations clear and calm near you.  Now, visualize a warm bright light surrounding you. Imagine that you are safe and that nothing may harm you. See it clearly! Are you in a bubble? Is there a circle of white light surrounding you? What color is around you? Is it white, yellow, blue? 

Lets begin! Light your yellow candle. Take your white paper and write everything that you wish to say to your loved one(s). Include in it all the things you wish you said or never had the chance to say. Write as if they will get it and begin reading it when they do. Make sure that the pen you use is a black pen. Now, at the bottom of the letter, write their name and right under that, write your name. The names you write must be full names. First, Middle (if they have one), and last name. Now, include a strand of your hair and fold up the letter. On the outside of the letter, use your pen and inscribe the symbol of Air. The symbol will serve as the conduit in opening the lines of communication; the element Air is the domain for it. 

Close your eyes and visualize your loved one(s). See them opening your letter and reading it. Be as detailed with this image as possible. How are they holding it? Are they sitting down? What do they look like? How does it make you feel to see them again? Now, In a heat proof dish or fire safe container, carefully burn the letter. As it burns, say three times: Hear me now on the other side, I open the doors to the great divide. In this hour with magick power, let these words be empowered. Take this letter and send it clear, send it to the one(s) I hold dear. As I will it, So mote it be! 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you gather the ashes from the letter and bury it. This will finalize the spell and it will ground the energies that you have summoned. After you bury the ashes, realize that your letter will reach them and give yourself closure by doing so. Blessed Be! 

Make sure to let the yellow candle burn down completely in a safe area. Never leave it unattended. Dispose of the salt water outside. DO NOT pour the water down the drain/toilet because most septic tanks are under or near your house and you don’t wont those energies gathering.

(Note: Sometimes you may receive a sign from your loved one(s). You may suddenly smell their perfume. Feel like they are near you. Animals in the house will stare at seemingly thin air as if there was someone standing in front of them. Let this be nothing more than a sign that your spell is complete.) 

 **Materials Needed: White Plain Paper (no lined paper), Black Pen, Heat Proof dish/Container, Strand of your hair, Yellow Candle 

***Optional: Sea Salt, Bowl, Black Onyx Crystal, Selenite Crystal, Rose Quartz Crystal, Sage/Palo Santo/Sandalwood/etc.

Air Symbol: 



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