Citrine Crystal Cluster


Throughout history and legend, citrine has been called the “Merchant Stone” because it was said to be a powerful stone to attract good luck, abundance, and success. Great for enhancing intuition and stimulate mental focus for the task at hand. This amazing cluster doesn’t hold negative energy, and transmutes energy into positive. Therefore, these crystals never need to be cleansed or cleared.  A crystal cluster can be considered a power center since its energy is grouped. It raises ones mood with happiness and goodness. Citrine is a great stone to help manifest your desires!

NOTE: This batch of crystals are personally enchanted by a practicing witch. Crystals are cleansed and charged using sea salt, sun energy, and moon energy. 

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Maria .
Highly recommended will buy from this person again

Will buy more products from this person

Melissa H.

Love love love my crystal! So glad you started to offer crystals and herbs. Would love to see more.


Vary in size and formation. Single. Size range is typically 1.5 inches long by .85 inches wide. Approximate weight .95oz. Magickally cleansed and charged.

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Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1 in