Garden Spring Prep

Winter is coming to an end and now its time to get our gardens ready for Spring! Its a time for new growth and a change in plants. If you want to make a change, now is the time. I would recommend taking a look at the garden and formulate how you would like it to look. Are there any dead debris that you can cut back? Are there any leaves covering-up growth that can be removed? Think about pruning that rose bush or that plant that has a lot of dead growth or needs to be shaped. I have a sage plant that I planted last year and so I’ve pruned it to prepare for it to come back lush for Spring. Sage is one of my favorite plants and it always looks soo majestic in the garden with its beautiful, fragrant leaves.  

Dont forget to clear your garden borders and beds to expose the soil to the elements. I would recommend putting all of the dead matter and debris into your compost to be used later in the season. Try not to put any weeds into your compost bin since they could contain seeds that could germinate and cause extra maintenance to the bin. If you have a greenhouse, this would be a good time to clean up any broken glass or parts that could be replaced. Try to wipe down any parts that help to let sunshine in. 

Also, now is the perfect time to get any slumbering pests out of the garden. Try to find sleeping larvae in the soil and relocate them or aphid colonies that might be hibernating under that dead leaf. Here is a tip, if you have the chance to collect rainwater during the rainy portions of Spring, try to save it for the garden or for that special plant that you need to bring back to life. Gardens love rainwater and tend not to have all of that extra chemicals that regular water from that tap, could be treated with. 

Go over a checklist with your garden tools. Make sure you have the right tools and replace that hand shovel that is falling apart or those garden gloves with holes in it. You will be on your way to a beautiful garden for Spring in no time. 

Happy Gardening!!


Here is an example of me pruning my sage plant:

  Before     After



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