Here is a guide to help you with any interactions with the fair folk. Of course, they exist on another plane of existence and rarely come into contact with humans. However, should you find yourself in their realm or plan on coming into contact with them, you would be wise to remember these few rules.

  I have only come into contact with the fair folk three times in my life so far. I have always been highly sensitive to other planes of existence and energies. Plus, I feel like being a witch sort of connects me to otherworldly things.

  You will always see me reference fairies as the fair folk since my last contact with them left me with that correction. They were very adamant at having me refer to them as such and found it rude of me to call them fairies. 

Rule #1: The Fair folk will never lie and always speak the truth. So whatever you do, make sure you tell the truth when speaking with them. They do not take kindly to dishonesty and you may suffer repercussions should you lie.

Rule #2: Do not eat or drink anything from the fair folk realm. You may come across the most lavish of feasts with all your favorite foods. No matter the temptations…Do not partake. The possibilities of you being trapped there forever is likely. Also, your appetite could get enchanted and no human food will ever sate your hunger, which will drive you to madness and even death. 

Rule #3: Never tell the fair folk your full name. If you give them your full name, they will have complete control over you. Here is where having a middle name comes in handy. Should you meet a random stranger on your adventure to meet the fair folk, no matter how much they ask or insist, do not tell them your full name. Its even better if you give them a nickname. 

Rule #4: Never say ‘Thank You’ to the fair folk. It implies that you are superior and can imply that you are indebted to them, which will allow them to decide how you repay right there and then, or at a later date. You will owe them whatever they choose to ask for. A good practice would be to say: You are very gracious and I appreciate this or This gift is beyond words and I am so very happy. Some say that you should try to avoid accepting any gifts.

Rule #5: Never offer any clothing to fair folk. They are very critical of materials and quality. Should the clothing you offer not be to their standards, it will be seen as an insult.  

Rule #6: Always be polite. If you are ever in a situation where you are lost for words. Compliment them on their looks and clothing. Flattery is the best policy. Legends say that the fair folk are very fond of themselves and their reflection.

Rule #7: If you promise anything to them, always keep your promise. The fair folk treat promises like contracts. An oath that can never be broken. The same holds true for them, if they make a promise to you, they will keep that promise to their very death, if need be. A promise is iron clad in their realm. 

Rule #8: Never fall in love with any of the fair folk. Legends say that they would deliberately lure humans to their realm to seduce and marry them. The relationships formed never end well and should any offspring happen, they grow to be very troubled and broken. 

Rule #9: Gifts are never free. The fair folk gifts always come with a trap or if there are no traps, they come with obligations. In their realm, all things are tied to debts and obligations. Who owes what and to who, is their system. Human laws do not apply there. If you are given a gift, a gift is expected in return. 

Rule #10: The fair folk are very clever and most of them are very old in age. Be very cautious of the conversations you have with them and if anything is ever offered. They are masters of finding loopholes. It is true they can not lie but they can however make you assume an ending. For example, you may ask them to promise never to harm you. Then you find out later that they took it as you saying, no mentally harming you and you did not say they could not physically harm you.  

Blessed Be!

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