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Niepce’s First Photograph From Bedroom Window

Photos have the ability to tell a story and leave a lasting impression on all walks of life. When you are long and gone with times final ending; your photo can endure through the ages.  We all have had that image that captivates us in awe, bringing in a rush of emotions and feelings beyond measure.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

In 1826/1827, French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce was the first to give trend to photography. The word itself comes from the Greek meaning light and writing. Niepce’s trials with heliography led to the creation of the earliest known surviving photo. He is one of the first photographers inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame in 1966.



For this months blog, I have decided to share with all of you a picture that I continue to look at till this very day, not just because I was the person modeling in it but the experience and feelings of magic it invokes.

The picture shown below was taken last year by a very talented photographer named Ashton Dundas. It was such a learning experience for me and continues to stay with me even now. Its a constant reminder that anything is possible with the power of creativity, hard work, and belief. Have you ever been inspired by an image/photo? Did it somehow change your life in any way?



“Harvest Lord” /Photographer: Ashton Dundas /Photo Credit:







Reply Below if you have ever been moved or inspired by an image/photo.

Super Blood Moon 2019


The new year is about to begin and what a great way to start it off with than a beautiful moon. The super blood moon will occur on January 20th, 2019 approximately at 9:20pm EST, and totality will happen at 12:12am EST on January 21st. So if you are in North America, South America or in parts of western Europe and want to see nature at its best; enjoy this wonderful event.


Since the moon will appear to have a reddish hue, it was called the blood moon. Another name given it since colonial times is The Wolf Moon and sometimes referred as the old moon. One of the stories behind calling it the wolf moon is that wolf packs would howl with hunger the most during this moon phase hence why it was named as such.


For all my magickal people, don’t forget to set your crystals out to soak-up some of the moons energy. Another thing I like to do is make moon water with quartz crystals in it or moonstones. During the year, I water the garden with some of the water and use it in my spellwork and ritual. Just remember that if you want to give your crystals a little “pick-me-up” sprinkle some of the moon water on them and sage. Also, don’t forget to sage your moon water after making it to give it some power and cleanse the energies.

Blessed Be! 🙂




A Spell Against The Winter Woes

Winter is upon us; there is a chill in the air and the days seem to get darker. Energy levels begin  to be sluggish and things return to slumber. Winter is a time of rest and replenish. Where nature seems to pause in time and in some cases, reduces areas to glittery snow. Maybe you have important things to accomplish and you don’t have time to be sleepy? Maybe you sometimes feel sad around this season? Or maybe you find Winter to be unlucky?  Here is a spell to protect yourself from the “Winter Woes”: 

First, cleanse yourself and your entire house. Take a bath/shower, visualize your troubles of the day fall away from you. Sage your house or burn cleansing incense such as frankincense, sage, rosemary, etc. 

Next, take a piece of paper that has been cleansed and draw a blue pentacle on it. Place it on a plate or flat surface that can contain water. In the middle of the pentacle write your first and last name. While you draw the pentacle and your name, visualize yourself vibrant and lively. Feel yourself being happy and free with laughter.  Are you smiling? Can you see yourself accomplishing your goals? Is life finally working out for you? 

Now, take an ice cube and place it over your name. Say this three times with your eyes closed and hands over it: “Here my name stands tall and strong, Winter bears its icy claws. Protected by this magick star, and winter woes will pass me now. For as this ice begins to melt, happiness is all that’s felt” 

Allow the ice cube to melt down fully. Keep it where it wont be disturbed. When it has fully melted. Check for your name. If your name is gone then you must re-do the spell for it did not work. If your name remains, allow it to dry fully and keep it safe under your bed till Winter season is complete. It is extremely  important to remember to bury this paper while giving thanks before the Spring Equinox begins.  




Spell To Send A Letter To The Dead

The cycle of life is never ending. We are born, we live, and then we pass on; for such are the way of things. However, sometimes we have instances where the passing of a loved one was sudden or there are times when we can’t move forward since the memories of those that have passed, are holding us in place. Here is an advanced spell to send a letter to your loved one(s) that have passed on. 

Word of Warning: This spell can be powerful often producing strong results. It is meant to give closure to the user and nothing more; for the dead and the living are not meant to interact. Use at your own risk. 

The only time that this spell can be done is on Samhain or All Hallows Eve, which we presently call “Halloween”. During Samhain, October 31st, the veil between the living and the dead thins and so communication is at its peak. First things first, you must cleanse the area that you will be performing this spell. Burning  sage, palo santo, sandalwood, etc. are all good materials to use to cleanse the area and yourself. Next, casting a circle is great, if you know how. Here is an alternative if you do not know how to cast a circle or do not want to cast a circle. Take a bowl of purified water and add sea salt to it. Keep it near you as you do the spell. The bowl will act as a kind of vacuum to suck in anything negative that may disrupt your spell. Also, keep near you black onyx crystal, rose quartz or selenite to help keep the vibrations clear and calm near you.  Now, visualize a warm bright light surrounding you. Imagine that you are safe and that nothing may harm you. See it clearly! Are you in a bubble? Is there a circle of white light surrounding you? What color is around you? Is it white, yellow, blue? 

Lets begin! Light your yellow candle. Take your white paper and write everything that you wish to say to your loved one(s). Include in it all the things you wish you said or never had the chance to say. Write as if they will get it and begin reading it when they do. Make sure that the pen you use is a black pen. Now, at the bottom of the letter, write their name and right under that, write your name. The names you write must be full names. First, Middle (if they have one), and last name. Now, include a strand of your hair and fold up the letter. On the outside of the letter, use your pen and inscribe the symbol of Air. The symbol will serve as the conduit in opening the lines of communication; the element Air is the domain for it. 

Close your eyes and visualize your loved one(s). See them opening your letter and reading it. Be as detailed with this image as possible. How are they holding it? Are they sitting down? What do they look like? How does it make you feel to see them again? Now, In a heat proof dish or fire safe container, carefully burn the letter. As it burns, say three times: Hear me now on the other side, I open the doors to the great divide. In this hour with magick power, let these words be empowered. Take this letter and send it clear, send it to the one(s) I hold dear. As I will it, So mote it be! 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you gather the ashes from the letter and bury it. This will finalize the spell and it will ground the energies that you have summoned. After you bury the ashes, realize that your letter will reach them and give yourself closure by doing so. Blessed Be! 

Make sure to let the yellow candle burn down completely in a safe area. Never leave it unattended. Dispose of the salt water outside. DO NOT pour the water down the drain/toilet because most septic tanks are under or near your house and you don’t wont those energies gathering.

(Note: Sometimes you may receive a sign from your loved one(s). You may suddenly smell their perfume. Feel like they are near you. Animals in the house will stare at seemingly thin air as if there was someone standing in front of them. Let this be nothing more than a sign that your spell is complete.) 

 **Materials Needed: White Plain Paper (no lined paper), Black Pen, Heat Proof dish/Container, Strand of your hair, Yellow Candle 

***Optional: Sea Salt, Bowl, Black Onyx Crystal, Selenite Crystal, Rose Quartz Crystal, Sage/Palo Santo/Sandalwood/etc.

Air Symbol: 



DIY Fall Potpourri

The color of Fall has begun and the leaves of trees begin to change to beautiful, vivid colors. Crisp, cool air surrounds you as you walk outside. Lets make your home an unforgettable aroma that you and your guests will appreciate and love, with this easy to make potpourri.

First things first, find a container that you would like to house your potpourri. It can be as decorative and simple as you would like it to be. Stay away from plastic containers since the fragrance that we use could eat right through-it or warp-it. I tend to use a decorative glass container. It just looks great in my living room and matches the décor in my home.  

Next, lets go outside. Take a walk, go to your local park, or look around your surrounding neighborhood. Your goal is to collect dried leaves, pinecones, little dried twigs, acorns, pine straw, etc. These will be the materials that you will be putting into your container. Note, here is also where you can get creative and add dried apple slices, dried orange peels, whole cloves, etc. 

After you have gathered all of your materials, I like to set them outside in full sun for a day to allow the materials to fully dry and let the moisture dissipate out of them. Also, it will allow any little creatures that have made the materials their home, an opportunity to leave and find a new home.

Now, lets make some potpourri. Choose a great Fall scent! Essential oils can be really great here and tend to keep it more natural while adding a sense of aromatherapy to the home. Try out scents like cinnamon, clove, frankincense, etc. but make this your own. How does Fall smell to you?  Take all the materials you have gathered and place them in your container. Sprinkle your fragrance of choice on all the materials in the container and mix it around. Use gloves if they are handy or an unused utensil, so not to get the fragrance on your hands. The stronger you want the scent, the more you’ll want to cover the materials. Its really just personal taste from here and how strong you want to make the aroma.

Finally, place the container in the location of the home you want the aroma to be centralized in. If the aroma weakens over time,  just sprinkle a few more drops of fragrance onto the materials.  Your all done! 




Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

We have all seen coconut oil or have come across it in our daily lives. It could have been while you were grocery shopping, online cruising, or you just might know someone that uses it. Regardless, the wide ranging benefits are wonderful and I would highly recommend it. There is evidence that suggests the fatty acids in coconut oil kill harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and fungi. It can even potentially help to prevent certain infections.

So what should you look for in the stores or when you are shopping online? What does virgin in organic even mean? Is there even a difference between virgin organic coconut oil vs coconut oil? To start with, virgin is labeled as such when heat is not applied in the extraction process of its creation. The appearance, taste, and composition help to make the “virgin” coconut oil higher in quality. Heat being used in most processes break down a lot of benefits in products. Personally, I use virgin organic coconut oil in all products needing it for Earths Curious Goods. I also choose unrefined because the process keeps the coconut oil “true” to its original form with all its benefits. Plus, I feel like the fermenting process adds moisture to the final process and think rancidity has a higher chance of happening. Daniel Regan, a father of one, says “I use coconut oil on my daughter from birth and only use the organic version since it has many beneficial properties. It has helped a lot.”

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is not only good for the skin but can benefit hair as well. Michel Rosa, a local Charleston resident, says “I use coconut oil daily on my beard. It helps to maintain it.” 

In summary, try to choose organic coconut oil. As a bonus, pick unrefined and virgin to get a higher quality. See if coconut oil can help improve your hair and skin. Also, as you are shopping for products, check the ingredient labels and see if you can choose the ones with it in it. I know I have already switched to it and even create products such as soap with one of the main ingredients being Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (unrefined).  🙂 





A Magickal Garden & The Busy                              Entrepreneur

One of the definitions of a entrepreneur is a risk taker, dream chaser, and very busy person. Speaking as one, this holds very true in its definition and so I sought out someone who was also on this journey, like me. I met Gina Cordoba, owner of Gina’s Venue and Charleston Caribbean Creole Food Truck, a woman who works really hard on her businesses and has a busy life. So, we partnered together to see if we could make a magickal garden.

We set out and gathered all the necessary materials to create this project. Most of the materials were obtained from our local Home Depot. Before we began, I casted a spell to bless the garden and to produce fertile plants. Using quartz crystals to amplify the spell and eggs marked with spells to produce fertility in the soil. Keep in mind, even as we were doing the garden, Gina was multi-tasking answering calls and trouble-shooting with her businesses. We completed the garden and it looked amazing! 

“Magick is the natural flow of energy in nature that surrounds us all.”


Magick garden

So, to end it off, never think that a garden is out of reach. Whether you are a busy entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or hustling dad. Just a little bit of magick and low maintenance can create a green paradise filled with herbs, fruit, vegetables, or whatever you like. Happy Gardening! 

“Gardening is not hard. It just takes a little low maintenance.”

Gina Cordoba








The term “earthing” stems from the notion that walking barefoot on the surface of the earth helps improve your well-being. I’m not sure whether or not this works but I will say that “grounding” in the magickal world does work. I feel like this is a really close concept of this. As a practicing witch, I always recommend grounding your energy on a daily basis, before spellwork, or after spellwork. Our ancestors walked around barefoot for centuries and the workings of reflexology recommend walking barefoot on smooth stones to activate pressure points. All-in-all, there is a common theme of benefits of going barefoot.

I say, if “earthing” relaxes you by walking barefoot and feeling closer to the Earth, the better it is for anyone’s well-being.  Relaxation alone has been reported to improve your state-of-mind, blood pressure, and in some cases eliminates stress all together. For those of you that would like to start “grounding”, here is a simple way to do this: 

  1. Get comfortable whether sitting down with your legs crossed or sitting upright in a chair.
  2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. How fast is your heart rate? Slow it down? breath in and breath out
  3. Begin to visualize yourself like a tree with roots extending down. See some of the roots transferring darker light out of you and into the Earth while the other roots transferring bright light from the Earth back into you. Allow the darker light to release with it all that troubles you, your worries, your fears, your heartaches, anything that hinders you. Now, feel the bright light that is flowing into you. How warm and loving it feels, how bright it is, you feel energetic and refreshed. Allow yourself to feel connected to all things.
  4. Take three, big deep breaths in and out. Now slowly open your eyes.
  5. You are now grounded 🙂





Easy Composting In Small Spaces

If you have ever wanted to compost but don’t have the time nor space to do so; this is the blog topic for you! There are a lot of different options to explore but I would like to share the system I am using with great success. Although, I urge you to try out what best works for your lifestyle and living conditions, and make it your own which is what I have done. The system I chose to create is using the vermicomposting method. I created my own system for my apartment living conditions and busy lifestyle while making it space friendly and affordable.

So what is vermicomposting?  It is the breaking down of organic material using nature and its gardeners: different species of worms. The end result is worm castings which gardens and plants absolutely love. The little gardeners will literally create this “black gold” for you by giving them your leftover organic material such as old lettuce, banana peels, old newspapers, paper bags, eggshells, spoiled rice, etc. In doing so, you are feeding them and leaving less of a carbon footprint on the Earth and helping to reduce our landfills.

So lets get started!! You will need a container to house our little gardeners and compost. The container can be as big or as little as you would like but I encourage you to choose as big as your space will allow. Customize it to the space you are using: under the sink, in the closet, or even in the pantry. I chose a medium Styrofoam cooler with lid from my local store. You will also need to buy a tray to go under the container you choose; this will serve to catch any leachate or liquid that passes through the matter in the container. I chose to buy a second Styrofoam cooler and stack them in each other so that the second one will act as the leachate catcher. 

Next, lets get the gardeners. You can purchase worms online and at your local stores that sell bait and fishing supplies. I would highly recommend getting red wiggler worms as they tend to do well in this type of system and is what I decided to use as well. DO NOT use earthworms as they will not do well in this system. If you can get your hands on at least 100 worms the better but if not that’s okay too. I started with 30 worms but ended up buying 30 more worms two weeks later in order to help speed up the composting time. You will need to also get a small bag of compost to start the system off, if not at least get some old newspapers for beginning bedding for our friends. I used a combination of soil and newspaper as the beginning bedding since I didn’t have access to compost at the time. 

Now, you will need to punch holes or drill holes in the lid of your containers to allow air circulation as well as the bottom and top sides. This is another reason why I chose a Styrofoam cooler since it is easy to customize and make holes in, but choose what works best for you. I also went an extra step and bought screen door screening and cut and hot glued the pieces to over the holes. It helps keep pests out like flies and other bugs that may disturb our little friends and the eco-system, as well as keeping the population of fruit flies down. 

For the next step, cover the bottom of the container with soil or compost if you have some, if not, shred the newspaper and place that on the bottom. You want the soil/compost damp and the newspaper wet as well but not soaking wet. You want it to be the consistency of a well rung-out sponge. Now on top of this you want to add your food scraps and place more newspaper/soil/compost. You want a wet and then dry balance. Next, add the worms to the container and cover them with soil/newspaper/compost. Put the lid on your container and you’re done! Always keep in mind that our friends like the dark and a moist environment. I like to mix my container every two weeks just to check in on them, get air circulation, and to mist it with distilled water to keep the environment moist. 


Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned Along The Way: 

  • I like to keep my scraps in the freezer then take them out to thaw when I’m about to put it in the bin. Cuts down on the smell and helps it break down faster,
  • I cut up and make my scraps into smaller pieces so the worms can eat them better and faster
  • Keep a spray bottle handy or container filled with rain water/distilled water to mist the bin.
  • If the container starts to smell your balance is wrong and may need to add more dry materials like leaves, newspaper, etc. It should always smell like a fresh forest floor or rich dirt.
  • To keep fruit fly population down, cover food scraps with soil/compost after placing in bin
  • Watch how much your worms consume and adjust accordingly on the amount you place in the bin
  • NEVER put meat or dairy in the bin. Think of your worms as vegan. When in doubt, don’t place it in the bin. It will save you a lot of stress later.
  • You may want to have a second system going in case your current one gets full or need more compost soon. 
  • Pay attention to your worms behavior. If they are trying to get out or staying out of the bedding. Your balance is off and they are very unhappy. you may need to add water or dry material. They may also just be hungry and you may need to add more food then normal.

Composting is so rewarding and my garden is blossoming because of the wormcastings I place in it now; not to mention my trash waste is less and I feel good knowing that I’m doing my part in helping the Earth. HAVE FUN COMPOSTING!! 



Knot Magick

Knot Magick is a great skill to add to any witches knowledge. The witches of old would use this technique as a way of manifesting their will to control the winds, find a lover, or even to contain a spell till needed. Give it a try!

Practice: Find a 13-inch piece of cord. It can be a vine, string, yarn, etc. I would recommend using yarn made with natural material. If you can find one with a particular color that helps you associate it with your desire, all the better. (Ex: White for purity/cleansing, red for passion/love, etc.) 


Close your eyes with your cord in your hands. Visualize what you would like to accomplish. Feel it: what does it feel like to have it come true? See it: What does it look like when it happened? 

Now hold that image and sensation in your mind. See it going into your hands and into the cord. Make a knot. See the knot capturing your desire. Is the knot glowing? Is it pulsating? Imagine and visualize these things happening with the knot. Open your eyes and say: So mote it be! Repeat process and make as many knots as you have desires. Bury the cord in the earth when finished. 

“Magick knots and sacred words. Hear my thought  & change my world”