Beltane is upon us and now is the time to celebrate. Traditionally, it is celebrated from sunset on April 30th till sunset on May 1st. The “lord fire” or “bright fire”, marks the renewal of life and the coming of the fair folk.  Fertility and union of energies was a huge role in Beltane festivities. It marks the last half of manifestation of your thought-seeds. Now is the time to re-energize what your want to happen. Personalize this time with flowers, new plants, crystals, green wreaths, spellwork, etc.

As the Earth begins to wake, it is said that the fair folk are most active. Offerings of milk and honey would be given as a way to receive their blessings and avoid any of their mischief. Some people would build bonfires and dance around it to honor the old ways and summon Earth energies.

A great way to modernize this practice in the comfort of your home is to use candles. Choose candle colors that would represent your intentions. Fill your cauldron or offering bowl with herbs and flowers. Surround it with the candles, careful to keep enough distance as not to catch anything on fire. We don’t need the element Fire or the salamanders running wild in your house! Dance around if you feel like it or just meditate in front of it. Just follow your intuition and make sure to put your intentions into it. 

Happy Beltane!!


Here are a few ideas you could do:

*Make love outside or in a forest

*Make a wreath of flowers and herbs

*Have a gatherings where everyone wears wreaths of green and flowers

*String garlands of ivy around the house

*Hand fruits and vegetables among the trees

*Walk barefoot on the forest floor or green grasses

*Light a candle as you make a wish, then dance around naked (skyclad)

*Remind the ones you love and cherish, how important they are to you

*Create an altar with crystals, plants, flowers, and candles

*Stare into a candle flame and visualize it cleansing you with its light


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