A Spell Against The Winter Woes

Winter is upon us; there is a chill in the air and the days seem to get darker. Energy levels begin  to be sluggish and things return to slumber. Winter is a time of rest and replenish. Where nature seems to pause in time and in some cases, reduces areas to glittery snow. Maybe you have important things to accomplish and you don’t have time to be sleepy? Maybe you sometimes feel sad around this season? Or maybe you find Winter to be unlucky?  Here is a spell to protect yourself from the “Winter Woes”: 

First, cleanse yourself and your entire house. Take a bath/shower, visualize your troubles of the day fall away from you. Sage your house or burn cleansing incense such as frankincense, sage, rosemary, etc. 

Next, take a piece of paper that has been cleansed and draw a blue pentacle on it. Place it on a plate or flat surface that can contain water. In the middle of the pentacle write your first and last name. While you draw the pentacle and your name, visualize yourself vibrant and lively. Feel yourself being happy and free with laughter.  Are you smiling? Can you see yourself accomplishing your goals? Is life finally working out for you? 

Now, take an ice cube and place it over your name. Say this three times with your eyes closed and hands over it: “Here my name stands tall and strong, Winter bears its icy claws. Protected by this magick star, and winter woes will pass me now. For as this ice begins to melt, happiness is all that’s felt” 

Allow the ice cube to melt down fully. Keep it where it wont be disturbed. When it has fully melted. Check for your name. If your name is gone then you must re-do the spell for it did not work. If your name remains, allow it to dry fully and keep it safe under your bed till Winter season is complete. It is extremely  important to remember to bury this paper while giving thanks before the Spring Equinox begins.  




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