I would like to begin by saying that a hurricane is a truly devastating force and should never be taken lightly.  This entry is not meant to lessen the effects it has had on the world or the lives it has affected in a terrible way. Positive thoughts and vibes for all that have suffered or experienced a loss due to this storm.  Now to begin, I remember receiving the news that a hurricane may hit our area and that we should evacuate as soon as possible.  Our governor, Nikki Haley, did a wonderful job at evacuating South Carolina residents that would most likely be affected by the on-coming beast known as Hurricane Matthew. I am located here in Charleston, South Carolina; so of course, I was one of the residents that needed to evacuate. Still, I was a child of the old ways, something inside of me told me that I would be fine.  I can’t really explain it but it was a feeling of calm and clarity.  Almost like a mom coming home to her family and knowing that everyone is safe. Ever since I was little, I have always had great intuition and as I got older, this has only enhanced. 

  In the old days, runes and tarot cards would be used to hone your skills at gaining knowledge. Whether it was to see into the future, gaze into the past, or feel the present situation. Lighting a few candles,  I immediately took my cards and runes out to see what clarity I can gain in the situation.  I wanted to stay but everything around me and everyone I came across was leaving.  After using my tarot and casting the runes, the reading was in agreement, they recommended that I stay and all would be fine for me.  The more the storm approached our city, the more peoples fear began to take hold.  I would look at the news and see how people reacted and how tempers  would rise as gas stations were crowded with people and in some cases, the stations were running out of gas.  I watched on my social media timelines on all the negative comments and spreading of more fear.  I wonder, is it easier to go with fear and be negative?  Do we all just follow suit and whatever we see, we do?  I even witnessed an instance where a news reporter announced to the world that if you stay during the Hurricane, you would die and that your kids would die.  Majority of the population would call it reckless for me to stay, especially with Matthew leaving a trail of death and destruction. 

  Long story short, the day came where the Hurricane finally hit us.  It was during the morning and the winds and rains were unforgiving.  I could look out my window and see across from my building the water begin to rise and the road disappear under it like a tidal wave of destruction.  I of course lost electricity, everything went quiet and the only sound was that of the storm and its roaring voice. Rain dropping harder and harder as if tiny bullets hitting everything in sight. I remember thinking that its scary to think how all of this could possibly destroy the city and me along with it. Yet here I was, no electricity and Matthew here to destroy everything it touches. The next day was probably the hardest, having no electricity and seeing the damage it cause to people I knew and didn’t know. It was very sad. I of course survived Matthews onslaught of horror and mayhem but there were a lot of people that did not have such luck. Some lost their houses and in some cases, even their lives. I was lucky that no one I knew was harmed by this storm and only suffered minor damages. It would be days before electricity would be restored. The city was standing strong and began to rebuild almost immediately. Frustrations among the masses were still there but recovering from Matthew  was a goal we all seemingly agreed upon. Some cities weren’t as lucky as ours and in some places the devastation that Matthew brought was on a grand scale.  I cant help but wonder, even with the advances of science and technology, did our ancestors have a knowledge and skill that maybe we lost along the way?

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