The  supermoon  is back and the last time we saw this moon was in 1948.  On Monday, November 14, 2016, the moon will be the brightest, and largest display in the sky.  A performance from the moon will not occur like this again until 2034 and about every 14th full moon is considered a super moon, however, this moon will be closer than average.

  For eons, the moon has influenced the earth and all its inhabitants.  The ocean tides and waters of the world are controlled by the very existence of this heavenly body in the night sky. Experts of the world even notice the behavior of animals change. Deers ovulating and hamsters running faster on their wheels, even some coral reefs will begin their mating season timed with the moon.  Human beings have always seen the moon as a mystical symbol from all corners of the world.  In some Chinese religions, the full moon is a time to make offerings to their ancestors and in some Native American tribes, legends are born with the moon as the guest of honor. 

  The full moon is a time for all-purpose magick and is powerful. In the old days, you would cast magickal workings of beauty, divination, protection, etc. It was a time to do all your spells and invocations that may need extra power.  A favorite recipe was to make moon water/wash.

Recipe: On a clear night of the full moon, put a quartz crystal in a clear container filled with purified water. Place the container in a moonlit place and at dawn remove the glass from area. Remove quartz crystal and now you have infused moon water. Drink the water whenever you need an extra boost of lunar energy or use it to wash and purify areas/things.

I use the moon water for all kinds of things. Now go make magick!






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