Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, the website is getting a face-lift.  Some of the highlights to the site will be local pickup, magickal realm category, and Facebook link to contests and prizes.   

  If you are in Charleston, South Carolina and would like to skip shipping, there is now an option for local pick-up.  You would just need to choose that option. We would contact you as soon as we receive your order to setup pick-up times and location.

  The magickal realm category will be available and will be all the unique products/gifts that one would search for including charms, spells, crystals, spell kits, figurines.   

  Lastly, a Facebook link will be available for ease of use and will allow shoppers to get special discounts, news, and contests. Prizes are random and consist of many different categories. Scrolling through the timeline on the page will allow you to see all the older posts and great prizes given. There will also be videos posted on the page that offer demonstrations and sometimes just information for the inquisitive.




Bright Blessings!